The Practical Guide to Managing e-Discovery in a Crisis

2020-04-21T15:56:46-07:00May 26th, 2020|News|

Whenever we watch major crises unravel on our TV screens, we find ourselves drawn to the work of the first responders rushing to the scene to save lives or preventing further disastrous consequences. However, while interviews with emergency service personnel grip viewers, there are entirely different teams being assembled to deal with the crisis [...]

The Unexpected Challenge of Emojis in e-Discovery

2020-04-21T15:56:39-07:00May 19th, 2020|News|

While emojis may seem like harmless cartoons or animations we add to the end of text messages or emails, their possible insinuations can have a large bearing on a case. But companies are finding it increasingly difficult to both interpret and preserve emojis correctly. So why are emojis presenting law firms which such challenges? [...]

Choosing Telephonic vs. Remote Depositions

2020-05-05T11:05:32-07:00May 12th, 2020|News|

Are you planning to proceed with a remote deposition? When you prepare to take advantage of remote technology, you’ll find that you have two primary options available: teleconferences or videoconferences. But which is the correct choice for your case?  As a leading provider of both telephonic and remote videoconference depositions, we’re here to help [...]

Why You Still Need a Videographer for Your Videoconference

2020-05-22T10:50:51-07:00May 8th, 2020|News|

As you plan your remote deposition, you’ll need to consider whether to hire a videographer for the proceeding. Many legal professionals have worked with videographers for in-person depositions. However, if the whole deposition is remote and takes place over videoconference, do you really even need a videographer? Won’t the meeting be recorded automatically? Today, [...]

Success Strategies for Remote Meetings

2020-04-21T15:36:34-07:00May 1st, 2020|News|

From breakout rooms to general team conference calls, remote meetings have become the new normal for the legal industry. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many states have determined that remote proceedings are legally admissible. While we adjust to the personal and economic impacts of social distancing, we can make the transition to remote working [...]

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