Self-care and Wellness Tips for Court Reporters

2021-09-10T14:37:11-07:00October 7th, 2021|News|

It’s no secret that the legal world is filled with uncertainty and stress. In this article, we’ll share our best self-care strategies and tips for wellness in three major aspects of life: professional, personal, and physical. Let’s get started! Professional Wellness After sitting in the same position for hours, juggling dozens of deadlines, and managing [...]

Potential Changes for Electronic Exhibits Could Be Coming for California Courts

2021-09-10T15:28:49-07:00September 28th, 2021|News|

In California, the Judicial Council’s Information Technology Advisory Committee (JCITAC) has been hard at work developing revision proposals that would impact electronic exhibits and the admissibility standards for digital evidence. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one such proposition.  Let’s get started!  What subject is the JCITAC focusing on? The council [...]

The Unique Challenges of Remote Asbestos Jury Trials

2021-09-10T14:26:31-07:00September 23rd, 2021|News|

As Americans grow increasingly comfortable with telecommuting and remote work, many courts are still hesitant to embrace remote jury trials. While these proceedings create some unique challenges, they also make the justice system more accessible, particularly for individuals with mobility problems or other health concerns. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at [...]

How to Grow as a Court Reporter

2021-09-10T14:20:42-07:00September 14th, 2021|News|

For new graduates of a court reporting program, it can be difficult to make the transition from education to career. Upon entering the workforce, many are left wondering how they can continue to develop their skills. In this article, we’ll share and discuss one of the most effective strategies court reporters can use for [...]

How Stenographers Became Critical During WW2

2021-08-18T15:40:18-07:00August 19th, 2021|News|

During World War 2, the United States drafted a significant percentage of the population into military service. The country shared a single focus: winning the war. As more manpower was sent overseas, the government gradually started recruiting to fill critical support roles in stenography. In this article, we’ll look at the qualifications needed for [...]

What You Need to Know About the Amendments to Rule 30(b)(6)

2021-08-10T09:14:36-07:00August 12th, 2021|News|

Have you heard about the new meet and confer requirements? In December of 2020, an amendment to Rule 30(b)(6) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure came into effect. This represents the first substantive amendment to Rule 30 since it was enacted in 1970. So, just what do the changes mean for you?  In [...]

Tips for Handling Uncooperative Opposing Counsel

2021-06-07T16:15:18-07:00July 27th, 2021|News|

Every year, the amount of cases that proceed to trial continues to decrease. This shift has placed enormous pressure on the discovery process, which creates an opportunity for obstruction. From bad faith objections to witness coaching, these tactics can delay proceedings and increase litigation costs for both parties.  In this article, we’re going to [...]

Reminders for Your Next Remote Deposition

2021-06-08T16:14:29-07:00July 15th, 2021|News|

During the coronavirus pandemic, many legal professionals were introduced to remote depositions for the first time. In the months that followed, most quickly gained critical technical skills and began to display confidence in the new format. Whether you’re new to the scene or a remote deposition veteran, you can improve your performance with a [...]

How to Prepare for Your First Court Reporting Assignment

2021-06-07T16:13:49-07:00July 6th, 2021|News|

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you’re nearing the end of your court reporting education. Congratulations! Whether you’re planning to pursue freelance jobs or work with a singular court, these tips will help ease the transition into your official role and prepare you for your first reporting assignment. Let’s dive in! Understand [...]

Strategies to Protect Trade Secrets in Arbitration

2021-06-07T16:14:30-07:00June 24th, 2021|News|

Secrets may not make friends, but they certainly make for complicated litigation! Maintaining confidentiality of trade secrets during an arbitration process is a difficult task. In this article, we’ll share some tips and strategies to help you protect your clients while you advocate on their behalf.  The Top-Down Approach During corporate arbitration, the first [...]

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