Depositions Tasks Paralegals Can Delegate Today

Life as a paralegal is tough. You’re constantly being given new and confusing tasks to handle, often before you’ve completed the ones you’ve already had. Overextending yourself isn’t good for your mental health, or the resources of your firm. To help keep your office running efficiently, it’s important to know which tasks you can delegate. Read more about Depositions Tasks Paralegals Can Delegate Today[…]

Tackling a Telephonic Deposition

In the rapidly changing field of litigation, technological advancements are allowing the law to go places it couldn’t before. Although not as comprehensive as fully virtual depositions, telephonic depositions are a great option for many firms. Choosing to hold a telephonic deposition decreases travel costs and saves valuable time. If you’re performing a telephonic deposition, Read more about Tackling a Telephonic Deposition[…]

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