The Importance of the Wrongful Termination Deposition

Wrongful termination cases are often extremely personal and difficult. On one side, you have an emotional client who feels wronged, and on the other, a company that feels entirely in its right to terminate the plaintiff. After carefully selecting witnesses who can speak to the workplace environment and your client’s termination, we suggest turning your Read more about The Importance of the Wrongful Termination Deposition[…]

How to Prepare a Physician for a Deposition

As medical malpractice cases become more common and expert witnesses are almost always needed, you may find yourself preparing a physician for a deposition. Whether the physician has been subpoenaed or contacted for expert testimony, the following are some important things to bring up during witness preparation:   Appearance fees If the physician has been Read more about How to Prepare a Physician for a Deposition[…]

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