Deconstructing Document Review: A Guide for 2019 Reviewers

Document review in 2019 requires legal professionals to run a proverbial “fine-toothed comb” over more information than ever before. With the addition of ESI to the already overwhelming document review process, the haystack surrounding the golden-needle keeps growing larger. With so much information requiring processing, organizing, and cataloging, accuracy and effective quality control measures are Read more about Deconstructing Document Review: A Guide for 2019 Reviewers[…]

Is Your Case Vulnerable to High-Tech Tampering?

Technology advancements have led to the emergence of digitally based manipulation designed to mesmerize the masses. The latest tech trends often blur the line between fantasy and reality. With the introduction of sophisticated algorithms, like AI, the internet has become a buffet of inauthentic digital data. Unsurprisingly, videos altered using AI are now impacting the Read more about Is Your Case Vulnerable to High-Tech Tampering?[…]

The Secret to Productive eDiscovery

You arrive at the office on Monday morning and find yourself staring down dozens of complex eDiscovery tasks. Although you know that you’re capable of completing the work, you wonder how you can maintain maximum productivity when you’re faced with mental exhaustion and distractions. For legal teams and eDiscovery professionals, this scenario is quite common. Read more about The Secret to Productive eDiscovery[…]

How to Teach Deposition Skills to Young Lawyers

Does your law firm have a tradition of in-house mentorship? If so, your new associates will be positioned for success! There are plenty of skills that seasoned attorneys can pass on to their younger coworkers. One important, yet often overlooked skill is the ability to take a great deposition. Depositions set the tone for trial Read more about How to Teach Deposition Skills to Young Lawyers[…]

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