How Mentorship Can Shape Your Legal Career

Like many established fields, the legal industry maintains a strong tradition of mentorship between generations. At First Legal, we believe that mentorship can change the direction of your legal career. In fact, many professionals believe that your mentors can teach you nearly as much as law school itself! From constructive feedback to inspirational advice, mentors Read more about How Mentorship Can Shape Your Legal Career[…]

Digital Discovery: Changes to Expect in 2019

The legal industry is often traditional and resistant to change. However, as technology advances, the law must evolve to keep up, which brings legal professionals along for the ride. Depositions and eDiscovery have undergone a particularly rapid evolution. As your firm plans for the new year, consider the potential changes on the horizon. How will Read more about Digital Discovery: Changes to Expect in 2019[…]

Reasons to Consider Arbitration in 2019

How do you determine whether a dispute should be resolved through arbitration or trial? This is a difficult question that many corporations and businesses must face. Of course, the natural response is that this choice should be made depending on the context of each dispute. Unfortunately, the decision may quickly grow out of individual corporate Read more about Reasons to Consider Arbitration in 2019[…]

Topics To Prepare For in Your Divorce Deposition

Divorce can get extremely messy, both legally and emotionally. When the facts surrounding the separation are controversial, the process can involve a deposition. While divorce depositions are uncommon, they have the potential to be extremely influential for your case. They frequently involve unwilling witnesses who were compelled to appear. As a result, it’s hard to Read more about Topics To Prepare For in Your Divorce Deposition[…]

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