We are proud to offer a host of conference rooms and suites for your deposition. Our rooms are equipped with superior equipment, giving you great flexibility when it comes to your deposition. Whether you want to add remote participants, display exhibits on a large screen, or videotape the entire deposition, we can assist you with set up and technical support.

We also offer fully integrated software and technology to provide you with quick transcript synchronization from a secure platform. No matter your requirement, we make ourselves available to assist you in setup and execution.

To learn more about our court reporters, visit our Court Reporters page.

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  • A woman sits at her desk with her head in her hands due to her fear of remote depositions.

Overcoming the Fear of Remote Depositions

October 29th, 2020|News|

Before the coronavirus pandemic, remote depositions were slowly gaining traction and popularity. In late March, social distancing measures dramatically increased the number of remote depositions. While [...]