Need to translate legal documents and exhibits? We offer translation services in over 200 languages! We will partner you with translators who have a proficiency in the technical and industry-specific language of your case.

Need an interpreter to interpret a deponent’s deposition? First, our schedulers will work with you to understand the needs of your deposition and then partner you with a certified and qualified interpreter who will understand the technical language and nuances of the deposition. We understand the importance of capturing every single word correctly, and our interpreters take great care and attention to detail when interpreting for you. Best of all, our interpreters are willing to travel for your deposition.

Whether in big cities or small towns, we can get an interpreter there when you need them!


As a national company serving hundreds of law firms, corporations, and insurance companies from Los Angeles to New York, First Legal Depositions has the resources to help you schedule your deposition anytime and anywhere. We provide our clients with national service, offering premiere conference rooms with state of the art technology across all 50 states. Our highly trained and certified court reporters understand the nuances of your industry while providing in-person and remote court reporting services. Our depositions solutions offer you the latest in deposition technology providing you great service as well as convenience.

Curious about our videography services? Visit our Deposition Videographers page.

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