First Legal Depositions is a national company, serving law firms, corporations, and insurance companies from Los Angeles to New York. We believe that exceptional court reporters produce exceptional service for our clients. For that reason, we make it a priority to provide ongoing opportunities for the court reporters in our family.


With over three decades in the business, we know that we succeed when our reporters succeed. With a dedicated reporter-assistance line, you’ll receive the support you need to do your best work. When you need to send an invoice, submit materials or navigate our internal software, we’re at your side.We value your unique skills and ambitions, and we offer the flexibility to work on the court cases that interest you the most.

Whether you’re an experienced reporter or just beginning your career, there’s a place for you in the First Legal Depositions family. You’ll also enjoy a professional atmosphere with full support staff, guaranteed payment, and a great opportunity for growth.

Are you currently studying to become a court reporter?
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  • Concept art showing a bridge forming between two opposite parties, illustrating what happens during virtual arbitration.

5 Tips for Your Virtual Arbitration

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