At First Legal Depositions, we take pride in offering you the most diverse selection of exhibit solutions. Depositions are all about collecting evidence for trial, and there’s no better tool than multimedia exhibits. A powerful, fully integrated visual is worth a thousand words. Find out which of our exhibit solutions is right for you!


Stop wasting time putting together a packet of your case exhibits! Our case management specialists will create a single package containing all relevant exhibits. We can meet your every organizational need. Whether you need exhibits chronologically or according to specific relevance, we have you covered. First Legal Depositions handles the indexing process, outputting one document that is searchable, hyperlinked, and mobile-ready.


In an increasingly cloud-based world, digital and paperless exhibits are more and more common. First Legal Depositions offers a dedicated platform for marking, viewing, and maintaining your exhibits. Even if you don’t choose to use each exhibit during your deposition, you can still upload and store all your files together. What are you waiting for? Ditch the binders and boxes and go digital with First Legal Depositions!


Visual evidence is not just for trial. Upgrade your deposition with day-in-the-life videos, medical evidence reconstruction, and site inspection recordings. Our years of experience enable us to create materials suited for litigation. We can convert your existing materials and create something meaningful with our state-of-the-art editing facilities.

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