First Legal Depositions provides comprehensive deposition and attorney support services to law firms across the country. We are dedicated to superior customer service, tailored to your needs. Smaller firms benefit from personal account managers, where larger firms have the option to enjoy the service provided by our in-house network service coordinators. We don’t just meet your needs; we exceed your expectations!


Over the past decade, intellectual property cases have become a bigger part of the legal field. First Legal Depositions can help you get off to a running start with experienced, real-time court reporters. Our reporters have extensive intellectual property case experience, ensuring that they have the technical vocabulary and case backgrounds to help you succeed. As with other kinds of depositions, you’ll have access to our streamlined scheduling system, allowing you to collaborate across multiple law firms.


Cases involving asbestos and other toxins are particularly contentious because they often represent significant bodily harm to those involved. Our Depositions department has decades of experience handling these cases. Our advanced exhibit solutions allow you to bring powerful visuals into your deposition. Your deponent will be able to view images and video with picture-in-picture technology, specifically pointing out areas that were affected by asbestos.


What do you look for in an attorney services company? When you’re handling multi-party cases, you’ll be looking for expertise and experience with difficult cases. First Legal Depositions provides the framework for seamless multi-party cases. We’ll coordinate with any venue across multiple cities and depositions.


Our team is experienced in handling high volume and individualized negligence cases. We give you the tools you need to customize exceptions and variables. Negligence cases can require support from many offices, so we assist in scheduling and take care of your complex billing needs.


All the comforts of home, with no added hassle! That’s the international deposition experience with First Legal Depositions. We provide support and coverage from sprawling cities to remote areas. First Legal Depositions integrates professional, real-time videographers and reporters no matter where you’re located. You’ll end the process with a transcript and recording that’s suited to U.S. formats and courts. We’ll also handle the complex multi-time zone scheduling.


Malpractice cases necessitate discretion and privacy. At First Legal Depositions, we put your client’s privacy first. We keep all your medical documentation protected under the strictest, most advanced programs. We exceed the protections required by law because we know there is nothing more important than the trust between you and your clients.

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