Confidentiality, integrity, and security are vital to everyone in the legal field. Our skilled data and privacy officers will ensure that our online repository can stand up to the highest privacy standards. We don’t just comply with the law, we go above and beyond the call of duty. We protect your medical records, trade secrets, financial data, and case details as if they were our own. We are in full compliance with PII (Personally Identifiable Information) federal and state requirements and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards.

So, how do our security policies benefit you? In the case of PII, we are able to keep personally identifiable information from falling into the wrong hands. Even though different pieces of information may exist across different systems, it can be easy to piece together an exact identity by exploiting weaknesses in each system. First Legal Depositions has strict privacy rules to protect such information. For example, we can safely store social security numbers, biometric records, date of birth, medical, financial and employment information.

In addition to PII regulations, First Legal Depositions also provides additional protections for health and medical information. How do we honor HIPAA Security Rules? First, we institute technical safeguards that are designed to be “technology neutral.” We ensure that access to your information is controlled by unique user identification. We also institute policies like automatic logoff, audit controls, and transmission security. Next, we employ physical safeguards. This set of rules helps prevent unauthorized physical access to private information. We install stringent facility access controls and workstation security policies, including maintenance records and data backup. Lastly, we implement administrative safeguards. We assign a dedicated privacy officer who enforces employee policies and performs an annual risk assessment. First Legal Depositions prioritizes security awareness and training at every turn.

Trust your information with the legal support company that invests in your privacy! With First Legal Deposition, you can expect excellence in data protection.

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