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We provide 24/7 technical support to make sure your remote deposition goes smoothly.

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We are proud to offer you a diverse set of remote deposition tools, such as conference calling, video conferencing, and online streaming. Our scheduling team will coordinate the best date and time with all parties, and then our technical team will assist in connecting all parties via their personal computers. Your participants will be able to view the full proceedings using a webcam-equipped device with a sound internet connection. You can include up to 100 remote participants in your remote depositions. There are no software download requirements or complicated technical setups. When it comes to remote depositions, we like to keep it simple and efficient!

In addition to being able to see the witness, you can choose to view a live running transcript. You can display and annotate your exhibits electronically during the deposition. There is also the option to videotape the proceedings if you so desire.

We are proud to be a leading provider of secure, remote depositions. Sensitive data, including medical, trade, financial, and personal information, is secured in databases that are HIPAA, PII, and SAS 16 compliant. Additionally, if you require a data transfer, we will encrypt it end-to-end, adding an extra layer of protection.

Remote depositions eliminate unnecessary travel time and expenses. You’ll experience around-the-globe coverage, allowing you to bring in the most qualified team members, no matter where they’re located.


As a national company serving hundreds of law firms, corporations, and insurance companies from Los Angeles to New York, First Legal Depositions has the resources to help you schedule your deposition anytime and anywhere.  Our highly trained and certified court reporters understand the nuances of your industry. We work tirelessly to provide exceptional in-person and remote court reporting services. Our depositions solutions offer you the latest in deposition technology providing you great service as well as convenience.

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