First Legal Depositions offers you a variety of ways to schedule your deposition. Whether you prefer email or phone, we’re dedicated to giving you the personal and tailored service that you deserve! You can also always call your sales representative directly to make a request or to place an order.

Between the sales representative and the scheduling team, you will have a group of people dedicated to getting to know you personally and working with you on an individual basis.

This same team will take on the hassle of coordinating your deposition with the various attendees and specialists. Our schedulers will work with all parties to find a time when all the participants can attend. They’ll help you coordinate everything from the scheduling to preparing the case exhibits, and they’ll even guide you through transcript and videography service selections. We know that cases can move quickly and that you may need to adapt to sudden changes, so we partner with you from start to finish, ensuring that your deposition goes smoothly.

To learn more about our team, visit Our Team page.

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