First Legal Depositions’ Trial Presentation team is here to help you present your case effectively. From managing your trial to creating your presentation and setting up your war room, there is no task too big or small for us to handle. Our trial technicians and staff are among the most experienced in the business and will treat your trial with the utmost expertise and care. You can rely on us to get the job done and to do the job right!

Need to turn some of the footage into a demonstrative? Our experienced team is able to slow down, speed up, zoom in, or create still photos from video footage. Audio files are transcribed to be read and embedded in the video footage for clear understanding by the viewer.

Additional video services we offer include:


3D animation combines 3D art with sophisticated computer technology to design and create 3D motion graphics for your trial. We use this technology to depict and recreate crime scenes, bodily injuries, car accidents, medical procedures, bullet trajectories, etc. We take the technical details and create a visual explanation that everyone can relate to and understand. Our animators work closely with your experts to ensure the animation is a depiction that the foundational evidence will support. 


One of the most powerful tools in a trial is the “Day in the Life” video. This is a video that depicts how your client’s life has changed due to an accident or medical malpractice. Our expert team will videotape the client’s current lifestyle and compare it to his or her life before the accident. Very often, they will talk with the person and their families, capturing their story on video to be displayed before the jury. Many juries have been won over by these types of videos.


We will capture the scene where the accident took place! If you need someone to capture photos or video, call us immediately and we will dispatch someone within 24 hours (also possible within a few hours). Documenting the scene before it’s destroyed or changed allows us to capture information that will help your case.


If you have a demonstrative that needs to be put into a different format or a conceptual idea that you would like to see come to life, our team has you covered. We’ll work with you to create anything from old-school poster boards to high-tech displays. Our graphic artists can work with you to create the demonstrative in the exact medium needed for your presentation.


We help you create powerful PowerPoints that will engage and keep the interest of your viewer. PowerPoint presentations can be used for openings, closings, or teaching a complex technology to a jury. We help you create PowerPoints that will keep your viewer intrigued.

To read more about our Videography Services, visit our Deposition Videography page.

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