If your case does not settle, you might find yourself preparing for trials and arbitrations. Our team at First Legal Depositions is happy to assist you with a licensed and certified court reporter. Simply contact our office and request a court reporter to cover the trial or arbitration.

Additionally, should your attorney(s) and paralegal(s) need a war room or trial presentation set up in the actual courtroom, we can arrange this for you. As mentioned on our Trial Presentation Services page, our specialists can create PowerPoint presentations, video clips, all types of demonstratives, as well as a “Hot Seat” operator at trial with your trial team. All of these services are optional and customized, so please contact your Sales Representative or the Deposition team to coordinate and schedule.

To learn more about our court reporters, visit our Court Reporters page.

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  • Concept art showing a bridge forming between two opposite parties, illustrating what happens during virtual arbitration.

5 Tips for Your Virtual Arbitration

August 4th, 2020|News|

As coronavirus spreads throughout the United States, more and more disputes arise between businesses and consumers. Supply-chains have been disrupted, employees laid off, and corporations may [...]