Need to set up a war room or temporary office? Our team works with local vendors to ensure that you have all the comforts of your local office, including all the equipment and technology you may need to prepare for your trial.

Our Senior Technicians have over 15 years of experience and understand the demands of supporting a trial. In addition to converting and preparing all digital data that will be retrieved and displayed during your trial, they will edit, organize, and present presentation data and images and ensure easy retrieval, search, and display. They will also assist in the daily preparation of exhibits and in the modification of the presentation, including generating Bates stamping, video segment creation, and the addition of new exhibits and graphics during your trial.

Depending on the demands of your trial, we’ll rent one piece of equipment or go as far as outfitting the entire courtroom. Our technicians are here to make your life easier and are capable of setting everything up for you, including monitors, ELMO, projectors, screens, all cabling, adapters, connectors, switchers, splitters, and interfaces with the court’s presentation system.

To read more about our Trial Presentation Services, visit our Trial Presentation Services page.

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