Update: In these uncertain times we are all watching unprecedented events occurring all over the world. Please know that we are here to support you.

As more and more attorneys and law offices are moving to remote work from their home offices, we are doing everything in our power to empower our clients and court reporters with one-on-one training on remote depositions and telephonic solutions.

Please reach out to us with any questions during this unpredictable time. We hope you are all healthy, happy, and focusing on loved ones. Let’s stay connected.


As a national company serving hundreds of law firms, corporations, and insurance companies from Los Angeles to New York, First Legal Depositions has the resources to help you schedule your deposition anytime and anywhere. We provide our clients with national service, offering premium conference rooms with state of the art technology across all 50 states. Our highly trained and certified court reporters understand the nuances of your industry and can offer you both in-person and remote court reporting services. Our depositions solutions offer you the latest in deposition technology providing you ease and convenience.

At First Legal Depositions, we don’t just comply with the law, we go above and beyond the call of duty. We are in full compliance with PII (Personally Identifiable Information) federal and state requirements as well as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards. Trust your information with the legal support company that invests in your privacy.

We are proud to offer you a diverse set of virtual deposition tools, such as conference calling, video conferencing, and online streaming. We’re offering one-on-one demos.


First Legal delivers the most comprehensive deposition solutions in the industry.


Our detailed schedulers offer you a variety of ways to schedule your deposition! We’ll not only take on the hassle of coordinating your deposition with the various attendees and specialists, but we will also make sure our technical team is present to assist in your legal software, video, and technical needs.


Need translation or interpreting services? Whether you need an interpreter in Mandarin or Spanish, our translators and interpreters have the expertise to understand legal, medical, and technical language.


Our licensed and certified court reporters are trained in high-end complex litigation and perform both physical and remote depositions. They are also able to transcribe the deposition in real time. This allows you to reference the text as the deposition is in progress.



"We have been with First Legal Depositions for about five years now, and the service provided is second to none…no matter the situation they can handle it…I have nothing but high praise for ALL the staff and have recommended their services to many."
SALLY GIOVANETTIOffice Services/Facilities Management, Kaempfer Crowell
“First Legal Depositions has been a valuable, strategic partner for over 20 years. The First Legal Depositions team has provided unparalleled customer service, going above and beyond our expectations. We have used them for multiple services from court filings, court research, records, digital, deposition services, and more."
NORMA AYALALos Angeles, Polsinelli
"I have been using First Legal Depositions for a number of years and I am continually impressed by their excellent customer service, responsiveness, and commitment to help me ANYTIME I need it – whether it be general deposition services or court reporters or special projects! I also appreciate their dedication to always finding answers to questions and issues that arise in cases and work assignments!"
TIFFANY DAYLegal Assistant, Jeffer Mangels
"I have dealt with every aspect of First Legal Depositions and have to say that they are the best at what they do. I have scheduled numerous depositions, as well as some which required special assistance, and there was never a problem. The staff is right on top of every order and checks to make sure that everything is right. The people are so knowledgeable and pick up on any little thing that might cause your document not to get filed. They don't just make you aware of the problem, they also fix it. They are professional and extremely good at what they do."
AJ CRUICKSHANKParalegal, Polsinelli

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